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Our company provides lubricating oils and industrial fluids both wholesale and retail, the choice of marketing a single brand allows us to offer low and attractive prices, moreover ENI is synonymous with reliability and continuous innovation. Our thirty years of experience in the sector, combined with Eni's wide and varied offer, allows us to give valid answers to the requests of our customers. The continuous technological innovation leads us to have more and more complete and reliable engines and working tools, which require lubricants or industrial fluids in line with the characteristics and necessities required. Understanding the needs, expectations and problems of our customers, together with the wide range of Eni products, allows us to offer the right product for customer satisfaction. It is not true that the oils are all the same, through the continuous use of quality lubricants your vehicles will thank you and behind an Eni lubricant, there is experience, tradition and continuous research to improve. We do not sell only lubricants, but we offer solutions, thanks to our experience and a line of valid products.










Who we are

Wholesale and retail sale of lubricating oils and industrial fluids under the Eni and / or Agip brand name. We have been operating in the sector since 1988.