Gear and Reducer oil eni Blasia S 460

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Eni Blasia S 460 is a synthetic lubricant formulated with selected polyglycols and special
additives that deliver high lubricity properties.
Eni Blasia S 460 is specifically suitable for lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings, gears and
other couplings operating at very high temperatures (ovens and machineries for glass
manufacture, plastic materials production, paper and woodpulp machineries, ceramic
production, etc).

• Minimized deposits and sludge formation thanks to an exceptional thermo-oxidative
• High temperatures allowed up to 120 °C in storage tanks with 200 °C picks in hottest parts
• Robust protection from wear (micropitting)
• Considerable friction reduction in highly loaded couplings and worm gears, notably

• ISO 12925-1 CKE
• ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02
• DIN 51502 CLP-PG
• ISO 12925-1 CKT
• Loesche

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