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Eni eco Grease /0  is an ecological greases based on biodegradable vegetable oil thickned with a calciom soap graded NLGI0, and with a pomatose and brown appearance contaning additives to prevent rust and wear. Eni eco Grease /0 has a  hight mechanical stability and is endowed with intrinsic lubricating properties to wich anti-wear and anti-rust characteristics conferred by additives are associated.  Eni eco Grease/0  is compatible with yellow metals. Eni eco Grease/0 shows a good resistance to water flushing action, whic makes it suitable for the lubrication of outdoor machinery, Eni eco Grease/0 is biodegradable according to the CEC L-33 82T test. thanks to this property, it contributes tothe protection of tje environment..

As a low environmental impact lubricant, it can be used in waste lubrication in agricultural machinery, marble cutting machinery, machinery operating in nature reserves or in water purification piants. eni eco Grease/0 can be used for operating temperatures from - 20°C to +70°C.

eni Eco Grease is classified as follows:


DIN 51825 K 0D -20

WGK 1 

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