Turbine Oil Eni Ote 68

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Eni OTE 46 is a lubricant specifically designed for use in steam and gas turbine applications. It's based on high quality base-stocks with specially chosen additives to provide excellent thermal-oxidative, rapid air release and excellent demulsibility that permits water to separate readily from the oil.
Eni OTE 46 provides outstanding performance in turbo-blowers, hydraulic machinery and air
compressors with medium/high temperature of the compressed air and in all other applications requiring a high quality and good stability lubricant.

• Prolongs oil charge life extending re-lubrication intervals
• Ensures good lubrication film
• Increases turbine operation reliability
• Maximizes water removal system efficiency
• Meets most major turbine equipment builder specifications and industry specifications

• CEI 10-8 (1994)
• BS 489:1999
• ASTM D 4304 Type I
• GE GEK 28143B
• ABB Turbo HZTL 90617
• JIS K 2213 -1983 Type II
• ISO 8068 TSA/TGA
• DIN 51515-1 TD

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