Eni grease 30 (lithim-based)

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Eni Grease 30 is a smooth-textured, yellow, lithium-based grease, designed and developed as a multipurpose grease for the general lubrication of motor vehicles: bearings, wheel hubs, water pump, dynamo, motor starting, chassis, etc. Endowed of strong mechanical and chemical stability, maintain its characteristics unaltered even after intense and prolonged mechanical and thermal stresses. Thanks to the special adhesiveness to the surfaces where it is applied, Eni Grease 30 offers a good resistance to vibrations that tend the detachment and water repellency caracteristics, that allow its use in a humid environment. The high dropping point allows the utilize of the product without problems in a wide temperature range.

  • Multi-purpose product, simplifies the management of stored products

        • an be used for lubrication and protection of ferrous and non-ferrous components

Specification and Approval

 • ISO 12924 L-XBCHA 2 • DIN 51825 K 2K -20 • ASTM D 4950 GB


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