Gear Oil Eni Rotra HY DB 80W GL4

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Eni Rotra HY DB 80W is a lubricant for transmissions with E.P. (Extreme Pressure) characteristics for use in transmission groups, in particular in manual and differential transmissions including integrated transmission, end gear reducers and power take-off gears for agricultural and earthmoving machines except for applications for which the manufacturer requires an API GL-5 oil level

• The presence of special EP (extreme pressures) additives allows the product to ensure the
lubricating film resistance on the surface of gears and bearings even when specific high loads are applied.
• The correct balancing of the anti-wear and greasing characteristics ensures the best
operation of synchronizers that maintain their effectiveness even in severe operating
conditions such as driving in city traffic that forces frequent gear changes.
• The particular oxidation stability avoids oil deterioration in parts operating at high temperature and effectively counteracts the tendency to increase viscosity and sludge formation.
• It is not corrosive to steel and therefore contributes in keeping the lubricated parts in efficient conditions.
• Its strong anti-rust properties prevent rusting of gears even in the presence omoisture.
• The anti-foaming power eliminates the negative consequences that excessivformation offoam would cause with regard to the continuity of the lubricant film.

• API GL-4
• MB-Approval 235.1
• ZF TE-ML 2B, 17A


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