Gear Oil Eni Rotra MP 85W/140 (GL5)

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Eni Rotra MP 85W-140 is a gear lubricant with special EP (Extreme Pressure) characteristics, which make it suitable for heavy duty load lubrication, especially when subjected to dynamic loads.
It is especially suited for lubrication of hypoid toothed differential which for the high dynamic loads, high sliding in the couplings and the high temperatures to which they are subjected, require that the lubricant performs its functions in particularly heavy conditions.
It can be used advantageously in road vehicles as well as on agricultural vehicles and on earthmoving machinery for the lubrication of multiple devices such as gearboxes, differential, final gearboxes, power take-off gears and any other equipment for which the manufacturerrecommends the use of an API GL-5 lubricant.

• Its superior E.P. (Extreme Pressure) additives ensure a continuous lubricant film even on gears operating under the most severe conditions, involving heavy dynamic and shock loads, and very high, or variable tooth sliding speeds.
• Its outstanding antiwear properties and its oiliness reduce markedly gear and bearing wear.
• Eni Rotra MP 85W-140 shows a particularly good oxidation stability that prevents any
deterioration even at high temperatures, and effectively limits viscosity increase and sludge formation.
• Its antirust properties effectively prevent rust on gears and in bearings, even in presence of moisture.
• Its antifoam qualities minimize the formation of air bubbles which could adversely affect the continuity of the lubricant film.

• API GL-5 • MIL L 2105 D • ZF TE-ML 05A, 07A, 08, 12E • ZF TE-ML 16C, 16D, 21A • Volvo 1273.10


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