Gear Oil

Gear Oil

A specific product line suitable for use in classic transmissions as well as in most modern driveline systems. These products comply with a wide range of performance specifications issued by the leading international organizations and required by the most popular tractors and work machineries operating today.

- High performance lubricants for use in manual gearboxes and differentials with hypoid gears         subject to high loads and sliding speed.
- They offer a high thermo-oxidative stability, protection against corrosion and a perfect     compatibility with seal materials, in order to allow prolonged oil drain intervals, according to the   indications of the vehicle manufacturers.
- The choice of the appropriate product is to be made according to grade and performance     specifications necessary for the vehicle.
- Rotra MP/S has a specific formulation for use in mechanical components with “Limited Slip” characteristics.

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Gear Oil Eni Rotra MP/S 85W90 da Lt 20

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