Industrial Lubrificants

Industrial Lubrificants

The industry section, which includes a considerable variety of lubricants that we thought, in order to make the research easy, to divide it by characteristics of use. However we point out that for any doubt, question or problem you can contact us in the manner that you consider most appropriate

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Hydraulics Oils

Hydraulic oils for every need, to cope with any situation, a wide choice of lubricants in order to have always the best.

Gears and reducers

Section dedicated to lubricants, whose main feature is to avoid friction between the gears. Pressure resistant oils.


Greases have a double function: to protect and create the optimal conditions for the functioning of the gears, and therefore their range varies according to their consistency and their formulation.

Compressor Oils

Eni compressor oils are the best solution for both technology and conveninza. 

Oils for guides and sledges

The movement of the sledges of the machine tools must take place on a regular basis, through a stable and uniform contact.

Turbine Oil

Lubricants specially developed for use in steam and gas turbine applications. Formulated with high quality base oils and a system of carefully selected additives to give high thermo-oxidative stability.

White Oils

White Oils

White oils derive from traditional paraffinic bases, treated with refining processes.

Various Industrial Oils

Various Industrial Oils

In this section we have included all those oils that do  not fall into previous categories